Welcome to Experience Equus

Healing and Horses are my passion, and combining
them together is a dream come true.
 Human bodyworkers helping horses heal, 
and/or Horses helping humans heal themselves. Come experience
and share in my vision, my passion, and
my dream.
My name is Sandi, although some may know me

as Dr. Howlett. My background is diverse and varied, as is my
education and experiential learning. At Willow Song Meadows,
the home of Experience Equus & my family, this unique
blend comes together in sweet harmony.

Browse my website to discover the unique opportunities
for experiential learning, healing, and education for yourself,
your loved ones, and your equine (canine and feline) companions.

We, my family and cherished friends, have endeavoured to create
a sacred place for healing and growth, in body, mind, and spirit, where safety,
trust, honesty, and integrity come together in authentic community. We strive to be as horse-like as humanly possible in everyday life, being fully present and living in heart-based, body-centered awareness.

Experience Equus is a world of self-discovery, and I consider it an honour to be invited to be part of your journey. I hope you choose to explore the possibilities, expand your awareness, and come Experience Equus with me.