Welcome to Experience Equus

Willow Song Meadows is heading into its 10th year. So much has 
happened in the past 10 years! So much growth and learning in so
many ways.  The Experience Equus introductory course blossomed
into a multi-level international curriculum, and now has landed
back home.  The Equine CranioSacral Therapy program has 
truly expanded into a Cranial-Neural-Fascial Integrative
Bodywork approach, beyond CranioSacral Therapy, 
and the expansion continues.

Experience Equus (Dr. Sandra J. Howlett) has recently joined 
forces with Canadian Institute of Equine and Canine
Body Works (Canadian Equinology and Caninology). 
Visit their website @ ciecbweducation.ca. Willow Song Meadows is the 
Eastern Canada venue for both Experience Equus courses and CIECBW courses.

There will be continued changes to this website, as it is time to refresh and renew. Many of the pages are outdated, so please check in every now and then to see what has changed and finally updated. Photos of the herd is but one example!  

As we regroup, recover, and rebalance from COVID-19, we hope to be offering both equine and canine bodywork courses and EASI workshops.  So let optimism shine for 2021 to unfold with abundant health and opportunity for growth and learning for all!