Animal Chiropractic

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Dr. Howlett came into this world with a love of and a passion
for animals, especially horses and dolphins. At the age of 10,
she knew she would be a doctor. She believed, at the time,
that she would become a Veterinarian. Although her professional
foundation began in Chiropractic, she has remained
connected to mother earth, nature, and animals. During the
entirety of her chiropractic practice in Nova Scotia, from 1987
through 2005, her patients included people, horses, and dogs.

After moving to Ontario, it is mandated that all chiropractors
and/or veterinarians become certified animal chiropractors,
if they wish to offer chiropractic services for animals. Obviously, the next
step was to complete the certification training and examination process in Ontario through the Healing Oasis Wellness Centre of Canada. (

Dr. Howlett became a Certified Animal Chiropractor in Ontario (and North America as a member of the ACCAC - American Canadian College of Animal Chiropractors) in April, 2010.

CranioSacral Therapy is another treatment modality that is highly effective in the treatment of animals. In fact, Sandi's Thoroughbred, Bo, came into her life after having being told by his previous owner, "if you can fix him, you can have him." Bo had become arena sour, and was essentially unrideable, mostly behaviour and TMJ issues. After three CranioSacral Therapy sessions, including SomatoEmotional Release, she tacked him up, mounted him, and rode him without incident. He was relocated to Maple Crescent Farm, where they enjoyed trail rides together through the Ganaraska Forest. They are now on their own farm in Indian River, where the riding for love of connection continues to this day.

In addition to Animal Chiropractic, CST (CranioSacral Therapy), SER (SomatoEmotional Release), BC (Brain Curriculum), HCT (Heart Centered Therapy), and LDT (Lymph Drainage Therapy) are all modalities that Sandi uses on a regular basis in treating animals.