Equine Assisted Self-Improvement:  E.A.S.I.

Our horses + YOU = "A Better Life the EASI Way"

Are you feeling stuck in any aspect of your life? Running
into roadblocks on your journey to fulfillment? Are you
struggling with a life-changing decision, such as a career,
a relationship, or just moving forward? Do you feel like you
are surviving instead of thriving?

Come explore the way of the horse with EASI. Learn how
horses live in the world, constantly observing and making
choices that best serve them by paying attention to what is
going on inside their bodies as well as what is going on in the
environment around them. 

By seeing yourself through the eyes of a horse, there is opportunity for self-discovery. If we choose to see patterns of behaviours as being a form of communication, we may uncover an inner dialogue that can lead to a heightened sense of self-awareness, in body, mind, and spirit.

Bridge the gap between head and heart, and find your own unique balance which may open doors to new possibilities, and new ways of being in your world.

Horses see through the masks people wear, and horses never lie. They engage with the true being that lives inside you, and make no judgement about age, gender, intellect, social status, or disability. They live in the present moment, with a heart-based, body-centered awareness. Would you choose this way of being for yourself?      

Sessions and workshops are facilitated by
Dr. Sandra J. Howlett, DC, CST-D, Certified Animal Chiropractor,
EFLC (Equine Facilitated Learning
and Coaching with Horses) & EAL (Equine Assisted Learning). Co-facilitators/teachers are her herd of horses of all shapes, sizes, colors, breeds, and each with his or her own story.

Who will facilitate your session today?  What Life Skills will you learn with the objective based exercises? Go to Meet The Herd and see who touches your heart!

Workshop/Sessions Location:
Willow Song Meadows
2479 Highway 7,
Indian River, Ontario, K0L 2B0
(East of Peterborough, south side of Hwy 7, between Villiers Line and Blezard Line).