Small Animal CranioSacral Therapy

In this class, students will learn how to safely approach, handle,
and offer CranioSacral Therapy to small animals, especially dogs,
of all variety of shapes, sizes, and breeds. 

The emphasis is on the core principles and practice of Upledger
CST, and includes listening stations, diaphragm releases, cranial
vault anatomy and techniques, anatomical differences amongst
breeds and species, clinical considerations, including pathological
processes and diseases transmitted from animals to humans or
humans to animals, gait analysis - normal and faults, as well as
a  multi-step protocol for offering CST for small animals. Class
time consists of lectures with plenty of hands-on lab time (practice is
on animals only).

The small animal curriculum is currently being developed to mimic the Equine curriculum, so ESSA Levels 1-4. Please review the equine curriculum and substitute small animals for a sense of the course syllabus. Currently ESSA1 and ESSA2 are developed.
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